SCISRT Kerala Chapter scheduled on 29th and 30th December-2018 @ Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala.

Knowledge is the key to obtain wisdom and thereby enlighten the mind. Whenever knowledge is debated, the first thought erupts in any technologist's mind is about national organisation ISRT.
ISRT is the leading Organisation in India distined to explore and uplift the technologist community through knowledge sharing and continued professional development programs.
ISRT Kerala chapter is happy to inform you all that this is the first ever eco friendly conference of ISRT sticking to 'Green protocol'. Not only plastics but all other harmful agents will be kept away during the conference period to protect the environment. As a responsible organisation ISRT is obliged to join hands with government and various other agencies to kept our earth green and healthy.
The national and the state conferences conducted by this organisation underscore its dedication towards technologist community. After the successful completion of last year's SCISRT 2017; the Kerala chapter ISRT is all set to conduct the 5th state conference - SCISRT 2018 on 29th and 30th December at Thrissur, The cultural capital of Kerala.
So far this vibrant organisation is successful in setting up of a network of knowledge nodes across different locations in the country named as academy clubs. Apart from knowledge sharing the organisation ISRT is actively involved in many other areas of interest pertaining to technologist community like allied health professional council, common curricula and standardization measures.At this juncture it is return of the technologists join hands with Kerala chapter and make this conference a huge success.
Think Healthy, Think Green.
You are invited.

Team SCISRT-2018

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