Our Misssion

The aim of this organization is to elevate the academic capacity of today’s Radiological technologist, who is working with sophisticated technologies as well as boosting their social and professional esteem .It is also aiming at making the Science of Radiology more transparent for public by providing them with instructions for a successful radiological investigation and also make them more aware about the wrong understanding of radiation. For achieving these goals, we have a multidisciplinary strategy.

  • We are providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Radiographers in form of seminars, workshops, and lectures. We also train them in using latest technologies, handling of computers and related software.
  • We undertake studies and surveys in the field of Radiology, radiation protection, radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine which will help the Public and Govt. agencies in establishing a more improved service or any other outcome.
  • We conduct exbhitions for Public and other Health professionals for making them aware about safe use of Diagnostic Radiation and its after effects.
  • Co operating with other Organizations with same agenda in achieving the above said goals.
  • It is also our duty to bring the attention of Public and the Govt. in Diagnostic radiation related issues and topics by using Media and other modes of propaganda.

Achieving these goals, we hope, will lead to a more improved environment in the field of Radiology and related services, both for Public and professionals.

We hereby request your whole hearted support and co operation in all our ventures as a responsible organization in the same field. We are also ready to support you by any means in achieving a more improved and friendly environment in our discipline.