About Us

Indian Society of Radiographers & Technologists is the apex National Professional body of Radiographers & Radiological Technologists of Indian origin working across the globe. Radiological  Technologist is the umbrella term used to denote all Technology Professionals belong to Radiology, working in various streams and modalities like Diagnostic Radiography & Medical Imaging , Sonography , Interventional Radiology , Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy.

ISRT was found on 18 th May 1997 as ‘ Society of Radiographers ‘ in a meeting held at Trivandrum. Later during the period 2006 – 2007 by co ordinating all Radiological Technology Professionals in the country and Indian Origin Radiographers working across the globe, the Organization projected itself into the National arena. The present name and constitution were adopted on 9 th September 2007 in a meeting held at Cochin , Kerala.

We stand for the Comprehensive Professional Development of Radiographers & Radiological Technologists through Continuing Education & Training and making the strategic ways for the capacity building of practicing professionals.

ISRT connects the innovations in Radiological Technology and Medical devices Industry with day to day practice of clinical medicine through constant updates to the professionals in a fruitful manner.

We are also performing the non statutory and non Governmental Professional Regulation by recognizing the qualified Individuals and issuing them Membership.

ISRT also supports the health care initiatives and legislative activities directed at improving the standards of patient care and enunciate to shape the health policies concerning the Professional dignity and welfare of Radiological Technologists and Implementation of Radiation Safety.

ISRT also stands for generating public awareness on Radiation Safety and all matters related with Medical Imaging, Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy through various modes of Operandi.

The ISRT Academic Clubs formed in all major cities of India are the basic units or branches of the Organization. ISRT State Chpters are functional in almost all Indian Sates and Union Territories.The Academic Clubs and State Chapters are co ordinated by 12 Regional Co ordinators under one National Secretary in charge of Co Ordination.

We have the Publication Division and Academic Subsidiary, Indian College of Radiological Technology. ALARA , the monthly magazine of Indian Radiographers and many other books and publications are issued by the Publication Division.

Indian Journal of Radiological Technology is proposed as the original indexed Journal from ISRT.