Membership Registration

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The members of the Society shall consist of the following categories: Active Members, Life Members, Emeritus Members, Honorary Members, Associate Members, Associate Life Members,Student Members and Provisional Life Members.

a) Active Members: Means those persons who possess Degrees or Diplomas in Radio-diagnosis /Radio therapy/ Nuclear Medicine/ Cath Lab Technology approved by universities / state or central Governments. Minimum 10+2+2 pattern of qualification is essential for active membership.

b) Life Members: Means active members who pay subscription/renewal fees in lump sum, according to the

Bye-laws laid down for the purpose in lieu of yearly subscription.

c) Emeritus Members: Means active members who: (i) has attained the age of the 70 years, or

(ii) has been retired from the active practice by reason of physical disability. (Such members shall not be liable to pay subscription) They shall have the voting rights. (iii) That no delegation fee will be charged from the Emeritus Members attending the Annual Conference.

d) Honorary Members: (i) Eminent members of the medical profession, who are not already enrolled as members of the Association.(ii) Other persons who have contributed for original research, scientific advancement in the Radio-diagnosis, Ultrasound, C.T., N.M.R. and other Imaging Modalities, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Oncology, Radiation safety, Radio-Biology and Radiation Medicine or Interventional Radiology. This category of members shall not have the voting rights. This is open to both Indians and Foreign Nationals.

e) Student Members: Means students enrolled in recognized medical institutions in India.

Their membership as such shall be limited for the period of their training/instructions in

Radio-diagnosis, Ultrasound, C.T., N.M.R. and other Imaging Modalities, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Oncology, Radio-Biology and Radiation Medicine and Interventional Radiology; the membership in this category shall be for a maximum period of seven years. The student members shall be enrolled only when their application for membership is duly certified by the respective Head of the Department of the medical institution/college, where they are on roll.

They will have no voting rights. Student membership, will be counted as continuous membership for election purpose etc., provided it has been converted into active/life membership, immediately after the award of Degree/Diploma, thus there is no break in membership of Society.

f) Provisional Life Members: Students undergoing degree/diploma courses can be enrolled as Provisional Life Members on payment of full Life Member Subscription in advance and will be converted to regular Life Membership after acquiring degree/diploma and they will have no voting right during the period of provisional life membership.

g) Associate Members: Bio-medical Engineers or other Allied health professionals and other persons including those who are continuing in this field without formal academic qualifications but with good experience or having interest in Science of Radiology or its branches, who in the opinion of the National Council, are likely to advance the cause of the Society. Health Care Industry representatives will be enrolled as Associate Life Members. Associate members (Including life members) will not have any voting right.

h) Affiliated membership: Any Radiological Association, Union, Society or Scientific Organization/Institution either in India or abroad may be affiliated to the Society on terms and conditions to be mutually decided upon and approved by the National Council of the Society and their members shall be given facilities as mutually agreed upon except the right of voting.

Benefits of ISRT Members

* Achive the ISRT Registration, which is mandatory to practice in abroad, including Gulf countries.

* Enjoy the subsidized fees for all CMEs / workshops including personality developments programmes.

* Enjoy the subsidized fees for ISRT Academic club activities and cultural programmes including family get togethers.

* Enjoy the subsidized fees for ISRT Journals, magazines and newsletters.

* Finally be proud to be an ISRTian – the esteemed member of the apex National professional body of Indian RTs.